Camping will be available again for 2018 Swampfoot! There will be a limited number of rustic camp sites for Friday and Saturday night. There will be a very large community bonfire to bring everybody together and bond with true fellow Swampfooters. Please contact for more details.Swampfoot 4 Mile Camping rules:

  • Pick up after yourself!
  • No personal campfires, hang out with fellow Swampfooter’s at the Swampfoot fire.
  • No fighting, vandalizing or any other stupid things. We are here for a good time, enjoy it and don’t be the one to wreck it for everyone else.
  • Vehicles are only allowed in the fenced in camping area. (No 4x4 off roading!)
  • The Cook’s reserve the right to remove anyone for any reason from the property, so behave!
  • Fee’s will be paid at check-in on August 30th from 3 pm until 8 pm.

Camping is now available! $10.00 per car/night $20.00 per RV/night Want to set up a reservation now? Fill out the following form below:




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